TuuliWatti to build Finland’s largest wind park

Joint venture between St1 and SOK will invest EUR 75 million in 12 wind turbines.

The Finnish wind power company TuuliWatti Oy, jointly owned by energy company St1 and SOK, will construct Finland’s largest wind park near Pori in western Finland. The wind park will require an investment of EUR 75 million and will have 12 wind turbines, each producing 4.5 MW of electricity.


Annually, the new wind park will produce 175,000 MWh of electricity, which is equivalent to the energy consumption of about 80,000 Finnish apartments. The first wind turbines will be operational before the end of this year and the project is expected to be completed by the summer of 2014, according to Jari Suominen, TuuliWatti’s CEO.


Increasing wind power capacity


TuuliWatti also has several other wind power projects underway in the region. “When the project is completed our estimated annual production of 500,000 MWh will be about 8% of Finland’s national wind power target for the year 2020,” says Suominen. TuuliWatti’s wind power projects are set to reduce Finland’s carbon dioxide emissions by a total of 350 million kilograms.


TuuliWatti was formed in 2009. The company’s goal is to build 500 MW of wind power capacity over the next few years.


Source: TuuliWatti