Turku Science Park and Akron Development Corporation sign agreement

City of Akron views Turku as a good entry point for American companies to Northern Europe, Eastern Europe, and the Russian market.

Turku Science Park Ltd. and the Akron Development Corporation and have made an agreement aimed at enhancing their contributions to the biomedical sector internationally. Turku Science Park is a non-profit regional development company owned by the city of Turku in south-western Finland. The Akron Development Corporation is the city of Akron’s non-profit arm, located in Ohio, United States.

The agreement is expected to open new marketing channels for Finnish and American companies in the biotech and information and communication technology fields. The key areas of cooperation include new materials for biomedical applications, new technology based medical devices and diagnostics, and both locations acting as “soft landing” zones and entry points into larger markets.

Turku is a good entry point

“Akron-based companies see Turku as a good point of entry to Northern Europe, Eastern Europe, and the Russian market,” says Robert Y. Bowman, Akron’s Deputy Mayor for Economic Development.

“In fact, FMI Medical Systems, which specializes in next generation computer tomography and PET scanning, started its activities in Akron about a year ago and has already opened an office in Finland. We hope more Akron based companies will do the same,” says Bowman.

According to Tero Piispanen, Director, BioTurku and HealthBIO, Turku Science Park has established a good reputation in Akron for producing high quality research and products.

Sources: Turku Science Park, Akron Development Corporation