Tourism to Finland increased by 9% in 2010

The number of visitors from Russia increased by almost 400,000 people from the year before, and the average spending by foreign visitors in Finland increased to EUR 330.

In 2010, more than half of the foreign visitors to Finland were on leisure trips, while 22% came on business, 12% to see friends and relatives and 9% on a transit trip. Foreign visitors stayed an average of 4.4 nights in Finland, with half of the visitors staying at hotels or motels, and a quarter with friends or relatives. Three out of four business travellers stayed at hotels and motels, as did half of the leisure travellers. About 41% of the trips to Finland did not include an overnight stay, with Russians making the highest number of same-day visits to Finland.

In 2010, the average amount of money foreign visitors spent while in Finland was EUR 330. This was EUR 52 more than in the previous year. These data derive from the Border Interview Survey by Statistics Finland and the Finnish Tourist Board.

Source: Statistics Finland