Time magazine ranks touch screen technology by Finnish company Senseg among 50 best inventions

Senseg’s technology brings the feel of textures, contours and edges to touch screens.

The touch screen technology developed by the Finnish company Senseg has been selected among the 50 best inventions by Time magazine. The innovative haptic technology brings a new tactile dimension to touch screens by using Coloumb’s force, the principle of attraction between electrical charges. Using electrically generated force fields Senseg’s technology can mimic the feel of physical textures, edges, contours and vibration on touch screens.

Touch screen users can now feel, for example, the pages of a book, the shape of an object or the elements of a photo on their devices. According to Senseg, the technology is silent and scales from touch pads, smart phones and tablets to the largest touch screens without increasing manufacturing complexity. Senseg’s patented technology is mass producible and can be incorporated into any touch interface device.

Senseg was established in 2006 and is headquartered in Helsinki, with a presence also in Japan and the United States. Earlier this year Senseg was awarded the prestigious title of Cool Vendor by the analyst firm Gartner. According to market research by DisplaySearch, the market for touch screens will grow to USD 9 billion by the year 2015.

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