Case study

Tiger brings its new retail shop concept to Finland

On February 2012, Danish retailer Tiger opened its first store in Helsinki. By the end of the year Tiger plans to have a chain of ten shops around Finland with a total workforce of 60 –70 employees.

Tiger is a Danish family-owned company selling consumer goods which began its business twenty years ago and is in an extensive expansion phase of its development.
Currently, Tiger has around 150 retail shops in fourteen European countries and this year will open seventy new stores in all - including its first in Japan.
“This was the perfect moment for us to come to Finland. Tiger has opened three stores in Finland already and we want to have ten stores by the end of the year,” Tapio Kuittinen says.
He started as Managing Director of Tiger Finland in December 2011 and has vast experience in the retail sector. For example, ten years ago Kuittinen was in charge of setting up Sweden's Clas Ohlson chain here.

Targeting people in a shopping mood

The first Finnish Tiger variety stores are located in the shopping centres of Itäkeskus, Kamppi and Willa in Hyvinkää and similar sites are being sought for new stores around the country.
“Our mission is to provide our customers with stylish products in a pleasant environment at low prices,” Kuittinen explains.
He points out that Tiger targets people who are in a shopping mood. The age, gender and social class of these customers are not important factors.
Customers are entertained with 1970’s pop music, the same list of 600 songs plays in every store all around Europe.
Pricing and selection of products is carried out in a way to encourage the shopping mood as well. Each item in a Tiger store is priced in whole euros – no cents – and no price exceeds thirty euros. The result is that most of the people who step in a Tiger shop buy something too.

A unique concept


Kuittinen argues that Tiger with its practice of renewing half of its product choice every month is a unique concept with no real competitors.

“I at first thought that Tiimari would be our main competitor, but this is not so. If I have to name any competitors, I would say that Ikea's and Prisma’s consumer goods departments are such. Tiger however has designs of its own.”

An easy country to start in


Tapio Kuittinen is excited about an opportunity to bring a new concept to the local retail store market in Finland. Although he already has vast experience in this business, he has never met such enthusiastic customers before.

“Customer feedback has been very good. We get phone calls and emails daily from people asking when Tiger will open in the area where they live.”
Kuittinen is pleased to report that Tiger has not met any difficulties in its Finnish operations so far.


“Invest in Finland helped us by providing meeting places while we were setting up. For legal advice we hired a local lawyer.”