Tieto’s innovative data center uses waste energy for heating homes

A data center concept developed by Finnish IT services company Tieto and energy company Fortum combines environmental responsibility with sound business sense.

Bigger cloud is better for the environment

According to Terho, Tieto’s customers are increasingly interested in their carbon footprint and prefer eco-efficient solutions. The number of customers using cloud is also rising rapidly, with cloud business being the fastest growing area in Tieto. Terho argues that a growing cloud use is actually good for the environment.

“By offering data center services in the cloud, we can share the energy required for that computing capacity and create more efficient units. Larger units can be cooled more efficiently, resulting in major cost savings for businesses compared to running traditional individual servers,” Terho explains. The same goes for recycling the waste energy, which requires larger units to be practical.

Finland offers ideal location

Finland has a great deal more going for it as a data center location in addition to the country’s cool climate and IT expertise, according to Terho.

“Finnish politics and society are stable so there are no dramatic issues that affect data centers. This means that Finland can offer a very secure data center solution for international companies. These could be part of the reasons why, for example, Russian internet company Yandex is building their facilities to Finland,” says Terho.

Finland also has plenty of available land where data center infrastructure can be developed as well as existing industrial sites that can be converted to good use, as Google has shown with its data center located in a former paper mill in Hamina. According to Google, this seawater-cooled facility is one of the most advanced and efficient data centers in its fleet.

Terho also highlights Finland’s abundant energy sources, including renewable energy, and the country’s reliable power grid which has minimal interruptions. Finland’s energy costs are also among the lowest in the world.

Undersea cable to Germany

A new undersea 100G cable system between Finland and Germany is expected to be completed in early 2016. According to Alcatel-Lucent and the Finnish state-owned Cinia Group, the system will play a critical role in strengthening the provision of reliable and secure ultra-broadband connectivity for cloud and data center applications. The cable system is designed with an ultimate capacity of 15 Terabit per second.

“The cable will make Finland an even more interesting data center services provider for Central European enterprises,” says Terho.

With major investments by companies like Google, Microsoft, TeleCity and Yandex, Finland has already proved itself as a trusted data center location, and the new cable will undoubtedly boost this reputation further. At the same time, innovative and environmentally friendly Finnish solutions like the one developed by Tieto and Fortum can also be applied in data centers in other parts of the world.

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