The Finnish retail sector is going strong

Across the country, developers are building new shopping centres and expanding existing outlets.

Finnish consumers also continue to be confident about the future, and expect their purchasing power to improve in the coming years. Now is the moment to join in and reserve the best places in advance.

More retail floor space in downtown Helsinki – Forum gets green light to expand
Shopping centre Forum will undergo major renovation and development in 2012-2014. The 60 million euro development project will increase the centre’s retail floor space from the existing 30,700 square metres to almost 40,000 square metres.

Strategically located in downtown Helsinki, Forum is one of Finland’s premier shopping centres, offering a wide range of retail categories, from apparel and home furnishings to entertainment and eating out. According to the shopping centre’s CEO, Lars Eklund, the expansion will deliver about 20 new commercial spaces. Lease negotiations for new tenants are already underway. In 2010, Forum’s total sales grew by 4.5%.

New shopping complex in busy port city
The port city of Raahe in north-western Finland is building a major shopping complex, which, when completed, will include a hotel, office premises, speciality shops, retail outlets, gas stations and parking for over 1,000 cars. The Raahen Portti complex comprises 46,000 square metres and is located along national road 8, a key thoroughfare connecting southern Finland to the fast-growing Oulu catchment area.

Retail chain expansion on track in Lahti
Expansion work on Lahti’s Laune Primsa is progressing according to schedule. A new road connection and the first floor of the centre’s new car park were opened in December of 2010. According to Timo Kyllönen, regional director of S-Group’s Prisma retail centre chain, the new car park, when completed in the autumn of 2011, will have 1,150 parking places. The next stages in the expansion will be ready in April and June 2011, with project completion set for autumn 2011.

New construction and extensive renovation
The municipality of Hattula in southern Finland has awarded a building permit for the Parola shopping centre project. The principal contractor, Lemminkäinen Talo Oy Pääkaupunkiseutu, will begin construction immediately, once the permit becomes effective at the end of December 2010. The permit allows for the building of nearly 3,000 square metres of commercial premises. K-supermarket will be driving force behind the new centre.

In western Finland, Kiinteistö Oy Porin Halli is planning to renovate the historical market hall in Pori. The project will include facade and interior renovation and new technical building services. Construction work will begin in the summer of 2011 and extend into 2012. The market hall will probably be closed to the public at some point.

Building big in Central Finland
Keuruu Megamarket is building a new retail outlet in the town of Keuruu in Central Finland. The new outlet will have 4,300 square meters of retail space, as well as a coffee shop and parking lot. Behind the 6.7million euro project are Megamarket owners Kari and Sirpa Ketola, who want to expand their product assortment and attract customers from further afield. The couple have also set up an import company in cooperation with other local entrepreneurs to support the project.

S-Group is also active in Central Finland, having recently finished construction of its new S-market outlet in Petäjävesi. The project was valued at 3.5 million euros. The group is also planning to build a new market in Vaajakoski, a suburb of Jyväskylä. Construction is expected to begin in 2011.