The Finnish ports of Kotka and Hamina to merge

New HaminaKotka Port in south-east Finland will become the largest general and export port in the country.

The port companies of Kotka and Hamina will merge following decisions by the City Councils of Kotka and Hamina on 8 November 2010. The new HaminaKotka Port Ltd will begin its operations on 1 May 2011, becoming the largest general and export port in Finland. Among the 250 ports of the Baltic Sea, HaminaKotka Port will now become the third largest container port and about the 15th largest overall.

The role of the new port company will strengthen in the Gulf of Finland and the Baltic Sea, as well as in transports to and from Russia. Decision-making in the new port will also support the industrial and commercial activities of the entire region, making it easier for companies to establish themselves in the region. The merger ensures the competitive strength of the Kymenlaakso route and port operations into the future.

The merger will optimise the resource allocation of the ports and bring cost savings of up to EUR 60 million during the next decade by enabling the ports to specialise their operations and reducing the amount of investments required. Operations in the Ports of Kotka and Hamina will continue normally until the beginning of May 2011. More information regarding the merger is available on the web pages of the ports.

The Managing Director of the new HaminaKotka Port Ltd will be Kimmo Naski and the Deputy Managing Director will be Jan Gran. All current personnel in the two ports will be transferred to the service of the new company as old employees.

Source: Port of Kotka and Port of Hamina