Testing plant planned for Finnish vertical axis wind turbine

The new wind turbine is smaller and can achieve maximum output in varying wind conditions, according to its Finnish inventor Dr Matti Nurmia.

Professor Pekka Neittaanmäki, Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology at the University of Jyväskylä, is planning to bring together a group of companies for constructing the test wind power plant. He hopes that the Darrieus-Nurmia wind turbine could already be operational in summer 2012.

According to Cuycha Innovation, which licences Dr Nurmia’s inventions, the new type of turbine can be controlled for maximum output in varying wind conditions. It also addresses some of the common problems associated with traditional horizontal axis wind turbines. According to Dr Nurmia, a vertical axis wind turbine is lower in height and its thin blades are less visible in the landscape compared to traditional wind turbines. It also causes less interference on radars and television signals.

In Dr Nurmia’s wind turbine the blades point upwards at an angle from the centre so a lightning conductor can also be fitted on a fixed mast at the centre of the turbine.

Sources: Keskisuomalainen, Tekniikka&Talous, Cuycha Projects