Case study

TelecityGroup looks to Finland for future growth

High connectivity. Proximity to Russia. Optimal infrastructure. Finland is fast becoming the premium location for data centres in Europe.

In August 2012, TelecityGroup acquired Tenue Oy, one of Finland’s leading providers of carrier-neutral data centres. As part of the acquistion, TelecityGroup gained not only one of the most connected data centres in Finland but also a new data centre currently under construction.
When the new centre goes live, Tenue’s customer capacity is expected to exceed 5MW. ”There is significant demand from our customers for high quality, connected data centre services with proximity to the growing Russian market and we see an important growth opportunity by entering this new market,” says Michael Tobin, CEO, TelecityGroup.

The Helsinki hub


For TelecityGroup, Helsinki is also a strategic location from which to serve customers in the Russia, Baltic countries and the broader Nordic region. ”Finland has an ideal climate and geographical location for a high-class data centres, as well as existing telecom connections to neighbouring countries,” says James Tyler, Director of Marketing and Communications, TelecityGroup.

Empowering growth


In the data centre industry, growth goes hand-in-hand with increased power usage. Finland's national energy grid is one of Europe’s most effective and electricity rates are highly competitive. Finland is also politically stable and has an exceptionally skilled labour pool in terms of innovative use of technology. “Political and economic stability makes planning the future easier – a stable society and infrastructure minimise the risk of unpleasant surprises,” says James Tyler.

TelecityGroup will continue to invest in Finnish market in the coming years in order to support strong growth in the region and strengthen Helsinki’s standing as a key international internet hub. The data centre giant also praises Invest in Finland’s role in the initial stages of the acquisition process.

“Invest in Finland is a trustworthy and useful organization, and their senior business development director, Alpo Akujärvi, proved to be an active and effective liaison with local companies,” says James Tyler.

Text: Sari Ojala