Talking People expands operations in Finland

Swedish telesales company is establishing a new unit in Salo which has a good availability of labour and business premises following Nokia’s restructuring.

The Swedish-owned telesales company Talking People Finland Oy is opening a new unit in Salo, Finland, in February. Talking People Finland Oy was established in 2010 and it has over 100 employees based in Helsinki. The company also offers outsourced customer services. The new unit in Salo is expected to employ about 100 people. In addition to Sweden and Finland, the company also operates in the Czech Republic, Norway, Poland and Slovakia.

According to Claus Lindström, Business Manager at Talking People Finland, the company’s main reasons for choosing Salo are its location and the availability of suitable labour. “We are currently looking for long-term employees and day-time staff. This is perhaps the biggest reason why Salo was selected,” says Lindström in an article by Helsingin Sanomat newspaper.

Salo offers skilled labour and good premises

Salo has lost 6000 jobs in the last five years due to restructuring by Nokia. The town’s skilled labour force and the business premises vacated by Nokia are now attracting interest from many companies. For example, the Finnish pharmaceutical company Orion is acquiring parts of Nokia’s former mobile phone factory and is shifting 100 jobs to Salo from other parts of Finland.

According to Invest in Salo’s project manager Johanna Larsson, negotiations are currently underway with 60 other companies that are interested in Salo.

Sources: Helsingin Sanomat, Talking People Finland.