Taaleritehdas orders 111 wind turbines for projects in Finland

German company Nordex Energy Gmbh will supply all the wind turbines for Taaleritehdas.

Taaleritehdas, one of Finland's major actors in the wind power sector, has signed a framework agreement with the German company Nordex Energy Gmbh for the delivery of 111 wind turbines worth over EUR 300 million. Taaleritehdas is planning to construct about 70 wind turbines in nine different locations in south-west and southern Finland, as well as 35-51 wind turbines in Posio, northern Finland.


Nordex Energy Gmbh will be supplying all the wind turbines for Taaleritehdas' projects. The first nine wind turbines are expected to be operational in 2013 in Honkajoki where Taaleritehdas has a joint project with Honkatuulet Oy that will produce 70,000 – 80,000 MWh of electricity annually.


“The wind turbine model we have selected is very well suited to Finland's wind conditions and the challenging ice and snow conditions during the winter,” says Taamir Fareed, Energy Specialist at Taaleritehdas, who is responsible for the wind power project.


Finland is currently producing only 0.4% of its electricity from wind power, which is expected to increase to around 6% by the year 2020. In order to meet this target Finland requires a wind power capacity of about 2500MW. According to Taaleritehdas, in practice this means constructing two new wind turbines every week. Wind power is therefore set to be a growth sector in Finland during the coming years.


Taaleritehdas is an independent Finnish investment service company. About 200 individual Finnish investors have invested in Taalerintehdas' wind power project.

Source: Taaleritehdas