Swedish staffing agency Uniflex starts operations in Finland

The profit margins of staffing service companies in Finland are slightly higher than in Sweden, according to Uniflex.

Uniflex, one of the leading staffing and recruitment agencies in Sweden, has started operating in Finland by establishing an office in Helsinki. More offices are planned to open in other parts of Finland. Uniflex is offering labour for the industrial, construction, storage, transport and logistics sectors, as well as for office tasks that do not require an academic qualification.

Uniflex’s objective is to grow into Finland’s largest staffing company, according to its managing director Mikael Kronzell. The company aims to win market share by offering lower prices than the competition but Kronzell says that price competition does not mean that wages will be pushed down. According to Uniflex’s market research, the margins of staffing service companies in Finland are slightly higher than in Sweden.

Kronzell also expects to get clients in Finland from the companies that are already Uniflex’s clients in Sweden. “About half of Uniflex’s clients in Sweden also have operations in Finland. Many of them have expressed their interest in staff hire contracts covering the whole of Scandinavia,” says Kronzell. Uniflex also operates in Norway and Britain.

According to Kronzell, Uniflex has developed an efficient operating model where the large number of personnel it offers for hire can be managed at a low cost by its own minimal staff. “Our operating model is very cost-efficient and in Sweden andhas helped to win market share from our competitors,” says Kronzell.

Source: Taloussanomat