Swedish and Danish consulting companies well established in Finland

ÅF, Swecon and Ramboll Finland have boosted their market position by acquiring Finnish companies.

Swedish consulting companies ÅF and Swecon have become major players in Finland largely by acquiring Finnish engineering consultancies, according to Kauppalehti, the leading business daily in Finland. They are now challenging the Finnish market leader Pöyry in several sectors of the economy, including the energy and industrial sectors.

Swecon’s turnover in Finland in 2009 was slightly under EUR 80 million. The company is particularly looking to strengthen its position in Finland’s energy and processing industries in the future.

The Danish consulting company Ramboll has also acquired Finnish energy consulting and building services technology companies. Finland still has space for more acquisitions, according to Markku Moilanen, Managing Director of Ramboll Finland. The company’s turnover in Finland was about EUR 90 million in 2009 and its main focus was on planning new infrastructure for cities in Finland. Ramboll Finland is also aiming to increase its market share in the energy sector in Finland.

Source: Kauppalehti