Studies show Finland has great potential for wind energy

A wind power plant can now get a building permit directly on the basis of a local master plan.

An amendment to the Land use and Building Act that came into force in April 2011 makes it possible to grant a building permit to a wind power plant directly on the basis of a local master plan. "The first local master plans prepared in accordance with the amended law are ready and it seems that the change in the law has created a new and functioning planning tool for the development of wind energy," says Kiuru. The Ministry of the Environment is currently preparing guidelines on the planning and permit procedures for wind power construction which are expected to be completed by the summer of 2012.


Finland currently has 130 wind power plants with a total capacity of about 200 MW. The objective of the government's climate and energy strategy is for Finland to reach a wind power capacity of 2000-2500 MW by the year 2020. This means that about 6% of the total consumption of electricity would be produced from wind power.


Source: Ministry of the Environment