Stora Enso may build CLT factory in Finland

The wood construction sector is currently enjoying a boom in Finland.

The Finnish company Stora Enso is considering to build a cross-laminated timber (CLT) factory in Finland. The massive boards are only one fifth of the weight of cement elements and also save construction time by a fifth. According to Stora Enso, CLT offers a short assembly time at the building site because of the prefabricated boards which do not require curing. In addition, there is no break in the insulation layer and no need for a moisture barrier in walls. The board properties provide many advantages: air tightness, fire resistance, thermal insulation, acoustic insulation and sustainability.

According to Stora Enso, CLT is commonly applied for external and internal walls, ceilings and roofs, and provides an innovative massive building system for single- and multi-family residential buildings, multi-storey residential and commercial buildings, as well as for buildings for business and industry, and for special applications in structural timber constructions. CLT is commonly applied for external and internal walls, ceilings and roofs.

Stora Enso’s CLT boards are manufactured in Austria and Finland, and processed into elements in Finland by Eridomic, a company acquired by Stora Enso in 2011. As a result of the growing wood construction market in Finland, Stora Enso is now considering whether to build a CLT factory in Finland, according to Hannu Kasurinen, director for wood products at Stora Enso.

Sources: Talouselämä, Stora Enso