Solar power for data centres in Finland

ABB and Tieto launch feasibility study for construction of solar power plant at Finnish data centre.

One data centre can use as much energy as a small town. Data centres' indirect share of emissions and the global carbon footprint may be as high as 2%. In Finland it is estimated that the annual power consumption of data centres can be reduced by as much as 350 GWh, resulting in cost savings of EUR 35 million per year.


“The feasibility study for the solar power project is a demonstration of Tieto's approach to environmental issues. It is also a natural next step to the choices that which led to our Espoo data centre being given the respected Green Enterprise IT award in 2011. Clean and renewable energy forms are the future,” says Tieto's data centre manager Mika Saukkola.

Sources: 3T, aurinkoenergiaa.fi, ABB, Tieto