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Software development company Telrock expands to Finland

Telrock International software development company Telrock will focus the development of its cloud-based platform in Finland and set up offices in Helsinki and Oulu.

Telrock Technologies, an international software development company specializing in mobile-centric customer service, is setting foot in Helsinki and Oulu. The company will focus the development of its cloud-based platform in Finland and plans to employ 50 people already at an early stage.


Telrock provides automated self-serve customer service applications for mobile devices. Although only four years old, the company’s customers include some of the world’s largest financial institutions and other corporations. Telrock’s solution hands over control of various services to customers, diminishing the need for traditional call center agents. Letting consumers decide how to use services increases customer satisfaction and loyalty.


— Our platform gives for example bank customers total control of managing their loans with their mobile device – they can change the amount and date of payments every month if they wish to. Consumers can now manage services that previously required customer service personnel, said Roy Gunter, the Executive Chairman at Telrock.


Furthermore, Telrock wants to create a mobile customer service innovation ecosystem in Finland as well as offer Finnish start-ups an open application programming interface and a chance to bring their products to the international market through Telrock’s platform. The platform provides access to over two billion consumers, 10 000 companies and 300 mobile operators.


High speed to Finland


Telrock is growing rapidly and has offices in the UK and the US and is building sales and support organizations in Canada and South Africa. At the end of last year the company was also looking for a new location in Europe.


— Last November, we participated in the Slush start-up event in Finland. We met people from the KAATO network. They set the wheels in motion, and only a couple of weeks later we had found our first Finnish employees. We also received help from other Finnish organizations, e.g. Invest in Finland, Greater Helsinki Promotion and Otaniemi Marketing, said Gunter.


Wanted: Ninjas


Telrock plans to focus the development of its platform in Finland and make Finland a regional sales center serving the non-English-speaking Europe. The Oulu office will concentrate mainly on product development, while the Helsinki office will focus more on sales. — We were looking for a country with mobile talent, great work ethic and entrepreneurial zeal, and have found these in Finland. Now we want to employ what we call ninjas, that is people who understand the opportunities and want to change the world, said Gunter.


Telrock plans to employ ca. 50 people in Finland already at an early stage but does not plan to stop growth and recruiting at that. The company’s plans also include developing new technologies, like advanced natural language processing, machine learning as well as voice and facial recognition, and incorporating them into its platform. The next version of Telrock’s platform will be launched by the end of the year.


The article is published in cooperation with Good News from Finland.