Slush launches biggest hackathon in Europe

What will happen when Microsoft invites elite coders to develop X-Box games for the wellbeing of little patients of the Children's Hospital? What kind of solutions will be created for future traffic and e-commerce when the biggest brands challenge both professionals and students to create solutions to real-life wicked problems? These, and many other trending tech questions will be answered in a global-scale software development event that will be held in Helsinki in November 2015.

Ultrahack 2015 is a massive hackathon, where an unprecedented number of coders will develop solutions for corporate, public, and NGO challenges. As a part of Slush Hacks, the finalists will be able to demonstrate their works to top-tier international investors on stage at Slush. Slush is one of the world´s leading events for startups, investors, and the media to connect.

The themes of the hackathon are related to health games, smart cities, traffic services, internet of things, next generation of ecommerce and global charity. ”The vibrant startup culture and thriving knowledge-based economy are key elements for the success of Finland, and these kinds of events are needed to advance those issues.” says Ms. Anne Berner, the Minister of Transport and Communications and the Ultrahack Patronne.

The event combines businesses and international actors to provide new challenges for innovative start-ups. The business impact of the Ultrahack results is expected to be high due to the main partners and other enabling organizations opening up many novel API's and data assets. The quality of the hacks is assured by a wide selection of leading coaches available with tech, business, design and context understanding related to the challenges. Both company and student teams are welcome to the event.

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Source: Teleforum ry.