Seven to establish product development centre in Helsinki

Finland has better availability of software engineers and a lower cost level than Silicon Valley.

The American mobile software company Seven is establishing a product development centre in Helsinki. The company’s Helsinki office currently has about 40 employees but the number is expected to double soon, according to Robin Pulkkinen, managing director of Seven in Finland.

Seven’s headquarters are located in Redwood, California, but the company prefers not to centralise its product development in the United States or China. Instead, Seven chose Helsinki and Tallinn as the locations for its new product development centres.

According to Pulkkinen, there is a shortage of labour in Silicon Valley, where the cost level is also higher than in Finland. Finland currently has an excellent availability of software engineers, following Nokia’s decision to reduce the size of its workforce this year.

Seven established its operation in Finland in 2005 when it acquired the Finnish company Smartner Information Systems, which specialised in developing email software for mobile devices.

Source: IT-viikko