Service sector provides 72.9% of all jobs in Finland

More than a third of service jobs are in the public sector, demonstrating its importance as a potential customer in the Finnish market.

Employment in the service industries constituted 72.9% of all jobs in Finland in 2010 and remained at the same level as in the previous year, according to Statistics Finland. The share of service sector jobs from all jobs has increased by 5.6% in the period 2001-2010.

The biggest employer within services was the health and social services sector, followed by the wholesale and retail trade. The public sector (municipalities and the state) provided jobs to 37.3% of people working in the service sector, which shows the importance of the sector as a potential customer in the Finnish market.

Women made up 60% of the employees in the service sector. The share of female employees in the health and social services sector was 88.4%, while in accommodation and catering activities the figure was 72.1%. Men had the highest share of jobs in transport and storage (77.6%) and in the information and communications sector (64.0%).

The average age of people working in Finland’s service sector was 42. Employees in the real estate sector had the highest average age of 46. In terms of regions, Uusimaa, which includes the Helsinki metropolitan area, had the highest employment in services with 81.5%, followed by the Åland Islands with 81.0% and Lapland with 72.7%.

Source: Statistics Finland