Russian companies trust Finnish data centres

Russia has become a major market for the Finnish online backup specialist Nexetic.

Russian companies like storing their data in Finland, according to Henry Liukko-Sipi, CEO of Nexetic, a Finnish company specializing in online backup and data loss prevention solutions for businesses. Nexetic has more than 2000 customers globally and Russia is an important market area for the growing company. Ten of the Nexetic’s 22 employees are based in Moscow.

All the data from Nexetic’s Russian customers is stored in secure Finnish data centres. Nexetic’s Online Backup product stores data automatically and safely so companies can focus on their core business. Its Data Loss Prevention product is designed to protect valuable data stored on laptops in case of loss or theft. The data can be remotely deleted to prevent misuse.

Similar business culture

Liukko-Sipi has been a partner at Nexetic for three years and was appointed CEO in August this year. He has observed that in both the Finnish and Russian business culture people are ready to give honest and direct feedback very quickly.

Founded in 2007, Nexetic is headquartered in Espoo, southern Finland. In addition to Moscow, Nexetic also has an office in Paris.

Sources: Tietoviikko, Nexetic