Case study

Russian AMA uses Finland as a gateway to EU

AMA, a large Russian provider of medical diagnostic tools, has set up a subsidiary in the town of Mikkeli in Eastern Finland. The company’s goal is to grow in Finland, seek new international cooperation and expand to the European market.

Russian AMA, Association of Medicine and Analytics, specializes in developing, producing and marketing medical diagnostic tools, particularly tests for detecting Helicobacter pylori, a bacterium which is associated e.g. with chronic gastritis and gastric ulcers. The company’s products include a breath test and a rapid urease test.

AMA’s tests are already widely used in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Turkey and South America. The next logical direction was the European market.


A gateway to Europe


AMA found that the most convenient place to start its expansion to the EU was Finland.

— Finland really is a gateway for a Russian company to enter the European market. We also had positive experience of joint projects with Finnish researchers and developers. We chose Mikkeli because of its close proximity to Kuopio, St. Petersburg and Helsinki. Mikkeli is also a European research center with its institutions of higher education, said Managing Director Marina Dmitrienko from AMA.


AMA estimates that the value of its investment in Finland will reach 30,000–40,000 euros. It plans to hire up to 10 employees in the Mikkeli subsidiary by 2015. In addition to research and development, the subsidiary will also manufacture and sell products in Finland.


Help from Mikkeli


Mikkeli innovation and technology center Miktech played an important role in AMA’s investment. Miktech helped the company register the subsidiary, launch and organize its business, and build networks with local research communities, financiers and public authorities. It took AMA almost one year to set up the subsidiary, and the company found Miktech’s help crucial.

AMA expects that combining the Russian and Finnish strengths will give the subsidiary a unique competitive edge. — We hope that our presence in Finland will give a significant jolt to the development of our company and our products through international projects. We aim to grow our sales both in Finland and in the EU as well as develop new products. All this will hopefully also create new jobs, said Dmitrienko.


The article is published in cooperation with Good News from Finland.