REDI - Kalasatama’s modern shopping centre

Kalasatama will emerge as the new centre for the Helsinki core area in the east – with REDI as the heart of local community, business and services.

SRV, one of the biggest construction companies in Finland, is looking to upgrade the concept of a modern shopping centre – just in time for Finland’s centennial celebration in 2017. The new REDI Shopping Centre is the company’s most ambitious shopping centre project to date – with over 60,000 square metres of retail space. The shopping centre should open in 2017, around the same time as the first residential tower. Rest of the REDI project will be completed in phases by 2023.

According to the plans, there will be food, fashion, leisure, activities and attractions, cafés and restaurants…everything you need for every-day life. The 150 stores and restaurants of the shopping centre should be able to oblige the customers.

“We are drawing from the history of Kalasatama – industrial history, maritime and islands – and using that for our inspiration,” Pia Svensk, Director of Retail Concepts for SRV says.

International Attention

“There is definitely a lot of interest from the investors in this project, both near and far,” says Markus Laine, Director of Real Estate Transactions and Investors for SRV. Understandably, some big international players are looking at REDI as a great opportunity to enter the Finnish retail market – and existing players are keen on expanding operations there.

It is no wonder that this cross between a shopping centre and a city centre – in the middle of a catchment area of 1.2 million people – has attracted a lot of attention, even this early on in the game. Laine points out that in REDI it all starts and ends with the perfect location: “There are half a million people living with a 15 minutes’ car ride from REDI,” he offers an example. Even the international airport is located conveniently nearby.

Vertical City

What’s more, REDI will also bring about a new age of high-rise towers in the metropolitan area – with as many as eight towers reaching for the sky. Laine observes that SRV is now engaging in highrise construction on a scale that is unprecedented in Finland.

“As many as 100,000 cars will drive through here every day,” Laine says, adding that the metro link-up is very well designed, too: the metro line actually goes through the shopping centre, so when you get out of the metro, you are already right there, at the core of the shopping centre.

In addition to shopping centre, about 2,000 people will also be able to call REDI their home, as the entity will feature a strong residential elemen. REDI will also include public premises, for example a social and healthcare service facility for the City of Helsinki.

More information of Kalasatama you will find at MIPIM 2014 Trade Show.

Source: Real Estate Annual Finland, SRV