Record year expected for Russian tourism in Finland

Russian visitors will spend a total of EUR 800 million in Finland in 2010, according to a survey by TAK Oy.

Tourism from Russia to Finland is expected to reach a new high in 2010. Three quarters of the eight million people visitors coming to Finland across the Russian border in 2010 are Russian nationals and half of their visits are shopping trips, according to a survey by research company TAK Oy. The most popular purchases by Russian visitors are groceries, clothes, household goods and shoes.

TAK estimates that Russian visitors will spend a total of EUR 800 million in Finland during 2010, a significant increase on the EUR 540 million calculated for 2009 by the Finnish Tourist Board. Russian visitors can make clear savings by shopping in Finland, partly due to differences in taxation, according to TAK’s managing director Pasi Nurkka. Nevertheless, quality is still seen as a more important factor than price by the Russian visitors shopping in Finland.

According to TAK’s survey, a typical visitor from Russia to Finland lives in St Petersburg, comes shopping to the South Carelia province of Finland for just one day, and has a family income of EUR 2000 a month. During their shopping trips, Russian visitors spend an average of EUR 228 on goods and EUR 119 on services. Four out of five Russians living in St Petersburg have never visited Finland, so there is still considerable room for tourism growth in the future.

Source: Helsingin Sanomat