Positive indicators in Finland's retail trade

Latest trends reveal higher spending expectations during the winter sales season, the growing popularity of e-commerce, and turnover growth for daily consumer goods retailers.

The online retail trade has grow by about 15% in Finland during the past year, acccording to Kari Nykänen, who is responsible for developing e-commerce at the Finnish postal service company Itella. Online shopping has particularly increased during the Christmas season. As many as 92% of Finnish consumers are satisfied with e-commerce, according to quarterly surveys conducted by TNS Gallup.

The sales of daily consumer goods by members of the Finnish Grocery Trade Association increased by 4.9% in November compared to one year ago, reaching a total of EUR 1.2108 billion. According to the association, large supermarkets enjoyed the best sales growth with 5.8%, followed by hypermarkets with 5.5%, small supermarkets with 4.6%, and convenience stores with 4%. In small stores sales fell by 1.5%. The turnover of department store and hypermarket chains in Finland increased by 2.5% during November compared to the previous year. In terms of products, turnover grew fastest in groceries at 5.5%.

In the period January – November 2011, the sales of consumer goods by members of the Finnish Grocery Trade Association increased by 6% compared to the same period one year ago. In hypermarkets sales grew by 8.3%, in large supermarkets by 6.2%, small supermarkets by 5.5.%, convenience stores by 3.5%, and small stores by 0.4%.

Sources: Helsingin Sanomat, Kansan Uutiset, Finnish Grocery Trade Association