Polaric project improves performance of organic electronics and reduces costs

The POLARIC project is a good example of Finland’s dynamic innovation environment which can benefit international companies.

The POLARIC project aims to combine large-area fabrication methods with high-performance organic electronic circuits on a scale not previously attempted. At the same time, the manufacturing process is focused to produce components and circuits with extremely high yield using large-area compatible, high-volume methods.

To achieve these goals, the POLARIC project is developing roll-to-roll (R2R) printing methods, e.g. R2R compatible nanoimprinting technologies for short channel configuration of the electrodes. The project is also developing solutions for the fabrication of R2R tools in order to make serial replication viable. Also the circuit design, modelling, and characterisation of organic electronics is also being developed to offer a toolbox similar to that of silicon-based microelectronics.