Planning and consultancy sector orders up in Finland

Increasing export projects and the recovery of the infrastructure and house construction sector have boosted order books.

The increasing number of industrial planning export projects and growth in the infrastructure and house construction sector have boosted order books in the planning consultancy sector by about 10% during the past six months, according to the Finnish Association of Consulting Firms SKOL. Overall, the volume of orders in the sector has almost returned to normal, pre-recession levels.

In October 2011, the total volume of orders in SKOL's member companies was 22% more than one year ago, reaching EUR 560 million. The number of personnel in the sector has also increased by 4% during the past year.

Orders in the house and infrastructure construction sector are significantly higher than one year ago. All the construction projects interrupted by the recession have restarted. There has even been a shortage of professionals for structural and building technology planning jobs in Finland. The volume of orders for industrial planners have more than doubled for export projects since the low point of one year ago but domestic demand is still lagging behind.

SKOL is a professional and employers' organisation for independent and private consulting companies. SKOL has a membership of over 250 consulting engineering and architect firms which employ about 12500 people in Finland.

Source: Ilkka, SKOL