Pilot zone for renewable energy in Oulu attracts visitors

A pilot zone for houses that utilize renewable energy attracts visitors in Oulu.

Visitors from over twenty countries have visited in Hiukkavaara during the year 2015. The zone is now presented to further promote the business operations. Control engineer Markku Heinonen from the construction supervision of Oulu says that the international attention has surprised him. He continues that in all buildings in the zone the energy levels are 30-40 % better than what the compliances require.

In Finland, building zero energy houses that would function completely self-contained is actually not common. However, couple of the houses built in Hiukkavaara will underquote the upcoming compliances in 2020. These houses for example utilize solar panels to save energy. The size of the pilot zone in Hiukkavaara is 8500 floor square and approximately dozen of developers have invested in the zone approximately 20 million euros. About 60 % of the lots are currently in use.

Source: Kaleva