Philips Healthcare aims for growth in Finland

Finland’s health technology manufacturing and exports have enjoyed average growth of over 8% annually and rocketed by 23% in 2012.

According to Healthtech Finland, which represents companies in the sector, Finland’s health technology manufacturing and exports have seen average growth of more than 8% annually in the period 2007-2012. In 2012, health technology exports rocketed by 23% to EUR 1.65 billion. Healthtech Finland notes that Finnish health technology companies are increasingly involved in global outsourcing, design and the manufacturing of complex systems.


Finnish companies have particular expertise in developing user-friendly systems, equipment for anesthesia, laboratory sample processing, brain diagnostics and treatment, craniofacial imaging and dental care, brain imaging and diagnostic mapping. Other areas of expertise include complex signal processing technologies, materials technology, mobile health solutions, and biomaterials for orthopedic implants. American and Chinese companies have established orthopedic implant R&D operations in Finland.


Today, about half of the high-end 3D and 2D digital dental imaging devices are made in Finland – virtually all for export, according to Healthtech Finland.


Sources: Philips Healthcare, Healthtech Finland