Passive houses attract growing interest in Finland

New construction companies and increasing awareness about energy efficiency are changing the house building industry.

The popularity of new house construction companies that offer alternatives to the existing detached home builders is increasing in Finland. In particular, more and more Finns are interested in the energy and overall eco-efficiency of their homes. This trend has been reflected in the increasing number of energy passive houses featured in housing fairs around the country in recent years.


Project engineer Ville Lehtineva from the Finnish company Passiivikivitalo, which builds passive houses made of stone, the growing interest is due to greater awareness about energy efficiency as well as brand recognition. Passiivikivitalo mostly builds houses with a floor area of 150–200 square metres, and new orders have been increasing steadily.


EU aims for zero energy buildings


According to Pasi Typpö, Managing Director of the Finnish company Greenbuild Oy, which builds passive homes from wood, energy efficiency is just one aspect of eco-efficiency. The eco-efficiency of a house also includes, among other things, the whole lifespan of the building. He would have hoped for even more stringent regulations for energy efficiency.


Greenbuild is participating in the European ECO2 project which is researching, among other things, the role of wood in carbon neutral construction. According to ECO2, the building sector is responsible for a significant share of the total primary energy use and greenhouse gas emission in Europe. The European Union has set a goal to move into zero energy buildings by year 2020.


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