PandoDaily celebrates gaming startup Supercell

Supercell’s creative small teams and a focus on tablets and have created a major success story, according to PandoDaily’s reporter Hamish McKenzie.

The Finnish startup gaming company Supercell is the subject of a glowing report in PandoDaily, an American web publication providing technology news and analysis with a focus on Silicon Valley and startup companies. PandoDaily’s reporter Hamish McKenzie visited Supercell’s headquarters in Helsinki and interviewed 34-year-old CEO Ilkka Paananen about the company’s success.

McKenzie writes that, according to unconfirmed reports, Supercell is pulling in USD 750,000 a day, thanks to in-game purchases in its two free-to-play iPhone and iPad games, Hay Day and Clash of Clans. The games have been at the top of the App Store’s top-grossing games charts for weeks. McKenzie estimates that Supercell is set to make more than USD 250 million a year. He quotes Kevin Comolli from Accel Partners, who put USD 12 million into Supercell in May 2011, as saying that Supercell is, revenue-wise, the fastest-growing company the firm has ever invested in.

Tablets redefine the gaming industry

According to McKenzie, the convergence of the creative culture with engineering expertise, an aptitude for 3D graphics, and deep mobile talent, have provided the perfect conditions for mobile gaming companies to emerge in Finland, despite the country’s small population. Supercell’s success is based on having a cell structure of small creative teams, lack of bureaucracy and a culture of completely accepting, even celebrating failure. “It encourages people to take risks. When you take risks, there’s more innovation. And with innovation there’s better games, and eventually there are going to be hit games,” states Paananen in the article.

Supercell’s motto is Tablet First, which means that the company is focusing all its energy and passion to creating the best possible gaming experience for tablets. Quoted in the article, Paananen says that “I’ve been in the game industry for the last 12 years, and this is the first time I’ve seen people, even my mom, who’s more than 60 years old, and my godmother, and these types of people, play our games. It’s really unbelievable how broad the appeal for these games is. It’s so much about the platform. It really is redefining the whole gaming industry.”

Source: PandoDaily