Pan Village Oulanka to open in Finnish Lapland in December 2010

Luxury log cabin accommodation offers perfect base for exploring the enchanting nature of the region.

The first luxury log cabins are opening in December at Pan Village Oulanka, located near the Arctic Circle at Sallatunturi in Finnish Lapland, where ancient taiga pine forests alternate with vast wetlands. When construction is completed in February 2011, the village will provide accommodation for 168 people. The project’s main contractor is Europinta.

Pan Village Oulanka is part of the Pan Parks network founded by the Dutch travel company Molecaten and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), which includes 11 European national parks. The village is situated near a national park with a special wilderness area, where nature is left to thrive on its own as much as possible, so its flora and fauna are not disturbed. Pan Village Oulanka is also located next to the Salla reindeer park.

Source: Lapin Kansa