Overnight stays by foreign tourists in Finland up by 22% in February

The number of nights spent by Russian visitors increased by almost a third.

Russians visitors to Finland in February 2012 had nearly 79,000 overnight stays, which was 32% more than in February 2011. The next largest groups were Britons and Germans with both recording over 40,000 overnight stays. Compared to February 2011, the number of nights spent by British visitors was up by 26% and German visitors up by 19%.

The number of nights spent by French visitors increased by 18% to a total of 36,000. Overnight stays by visitors from Japan grew the most with a 51% increase, reaching a total of 20,000. The number of nights spent by Estonian visitors was also up by 27% and by Norwegians up by 22%. The number of nights spent by resident tourists increased by 3% and totalled one million in February 2012.

By region, the total number of overnight stays in February 2012 increased the most in South Karelia, up by 57%, and North Karelia, up by 24%. The occupancy rate of hotel rooms was 52.2% in February, compared to 50.4% one year earlier. Lapland had the highest hotel room occupancy rate with 59.5%, while Helsinki’s occupancy rate was 58.8%. In February, the average price of a hotel room was EUR 91.67 per day for the whole country. Twelve months previously, it was EUR 89.73.

Source: Statistics Finland