Over 500 wind turbines planned in western Finland

Finnish companies Halsuan Tuulivoima, YIT and Ilmatar are actively investing in wind power.

YIT and Ilmatar plan more investments

YIT, one of the biggest Finnish construction companies, has acquired another wind power project from Halsuan Tuulivoima for 87 turbines in the neighbouring municipality of Lestijärvi. YIT has bought land for constructing an electricity substation that will connect the Halsua and Lestijärvi wind parks to the national grid. YIT is also planning four other wind parks around Finland, each with 7-9 wind turbines.

“We want to participate strongly in the development of renewable energy forms and to do our part for the growth of wind power capacity. Finland has excellent preconditions for a more efficient utilization of wind power both from the perspective of wind conditions and the energy and climate strategy,” says Harri Orko, who is responsible for YIT’s wind power business unit.

Another Finnish company, Ilmatar Windpower, is aiming to build 100 new wind turbines in Finland in the next few years. The combined nominal capacity of these turbines will add up to approximately 300 MW.

Sources: YLE, YIT, Ilmatar