Optimism in Finland’s consultancy sector

Finland’s consultancy businesses maintained profitability in 2009 despite the recession and order books are now improving in several sectors.

The recession in 2009 did not affect planning, consultancy and architecture businesses in Finland as much as was feared. Despite the difficult economic situation in 2009, the median profitability in these sectors was 11.2% of turnover. In particular, companies working in the infrastructure and repairs sector benefited from the government’s reflationary measures and architects also fared better than expected.

Despite variations between different sectors, it seems that the recession has bottomed out and the overall expectations for consulting firms in Finland are positive, according to Timo Myllys, managing director of the Finnish Association of Consulting Firms (SKOL).

A recent survey by SKOL shows that 80% of engineering consultants believe that Finland’s domestic market is set for growth and 60% of respondents also expect exports to pick up. Orders are up in the housing sector and the decline in orders from the industrial sector has halted.

SKOL is a professional and employers' organization for independent and private consulting companies, with a membership of over 250 consulting engineering and architect firms.

Sources: Rakennuslehti, Tekniikka & Talous