Opportunities in Finland’s Thriving Business Services Sector

Business services are growing faster than other sectors of the Finnish economy

With internationalization and globalization driving tremendous sector growth, this presents good opportunities for international companies to enter the market. In particular, Finland needs foreign management consulting and marketing expertise, as well as medium-sized business services for medium-sized customers. The Finnish innovation network is also looking for business service companies.

The business services sector will continue to strengthen in Finland during the coming years, according to Timo Metsä-Tokila, who is Director of the Business Services Centre Potkuri in Turku and author of two new reports on technical consultancy and employment services. The reasons behind the growth include the increasing complexity of the business environment, the continuing trend to outsource activities, and the wider variety of services available. Business services are also becoming increasingly attractive as a career path for people with good work experience and a high level of education.

Metsä-Tokila points out that the majority of companies in Finland’s business services sector are still very small. It is clear that the trend is towards more business networks and chains, which will also bring more foreign companies to the sector. Finnish companies that are internationalizing their operations can especially benefit from working with international business service providers.