Online shopping highly popular among Finnish consumers

Over 65% of Finnish consumers made online purchases in 2012 and 30% bought something from a foreign e-store.

Finnish consumers are among the most enthusiastic e-shoppers in Europe, according to a report by Ecommerce Europe. In 2012, more than 65% of Finnish shoppers made at least one online purchase, while the EU average was 45%.

The number of Finnish consumers making purchases from foreign online stores doubled in one year to 30%, which was one of the fastest growth rates in the EU. In the EU as a whole, only 11% of consumers made online purchases from e-stores outside their home country.

Finnish companies need e-commerce boost

According to the report, most Finnish companies have not been able to exploit the e-commerce opportunities for selling products and services to other EU countries. About a quarter of the online stores in the EU sold something to another EU country in 2012, but only 11% of Finnish online stores managed to do so, which was the lowest figure in the EU.

The total value of e-commerce in the EU28 countries in 2012 reached EUR 276.5 billion, or 88.7% of total European e-sales, representing growth of 18.1%. In the Northern European region which includes Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and the Baltic states, the total value of e-commerce was EUR 28.7 billion, which was 9.2% of the European market share.

Sources: Kauppalehti, Ecommerce Europe