Online sales of daily consumer goods up by 80% in Finland

Survey by TNS Gallup suggests that limited supply of delivery services is holding back the growth of online shopping for daily consumer goods.

Online retail sales for daily consumer goods in Finland grew by 80% in 2011 but is still at an early stage of development, according to a new survey conducted by TNS Gallup. Despite the fast growth rate, the total value of the online sales of daily consumer goods is still relatively small and has developed slowly mainly due to limited supply from the companies in the Finnish market. The survey results suggest that most Finns still prefer to get their basic basket of goods from the store but in the near future online ordering will increasingly supplement the selection offered by the local store.

Among daily consumer goods, the product groups attracting the most interest from online consumers in Finland include household goods, local and organic food products, wine, cosmetics and skincare products, magazines, and non-prescription medicines. According to the survey, many Finnish consumers are still willing to collect their online purchases from the store or a delivery point, alongside the home delivery option.

The survey also reveals that the information needs of Finnish consumers differ significantly during weekdays and weekends. Despite the growing shift to the internet when searching for information, the position of the print media as a source of information about daily consumer goods remains strong. In particular, consumers want information about special offers in the print media during the weekend mornings, when they have more time to read newspapers.

“There is pressure for shifting communications to the electronic channels especially during the weekdays. Most commonly, people would like information about daily consumer goods in the late afternoons when the mobile phone is the most efficient channel for delivering the information to the Finns,” says Ville Wikström, director of TNS Gallup Digital's reasearch unit. Currently 44% of Finns aged 15-69 own a smartphone with access to the internet, and enabling the use of various applications.

TNS Gallup conducted its survey in April - May 2012, interviewing 1538 people in the age group 15-69.

Sources: Taloussanomat, Verkkouutiset