Online grocery shopping is taking off in Finland

With major grocery retailers now opening their online stores, more and more Finns are expected to purchase their food from the Internet.

Online grocery shopping is making a breakthrough this autumn, according to Erkki Timmerbacka, managing director of Seulo Palvelut Oy. HOK-Elanto, the market leader in the Finnish grocery trade, has already started taking online orders and the other major players are set to follow soon.

Finnish consumers are clearly prepared to start ordering groceries from the Internet, according to Merja Saari, regional manager HOK-Elanto. She is satisfied with the number of orders in the early stage of the service and expects that about 5% of groceries will be purchased online in ten year’s time. Currently the share of online shopping is about 1%.

Jyri Stenberg, managing director of Ruokanet, which has been in the online grocery trade for a long time, says that the business has been growing steadily without major shifts. The challenge is now how to get the consumers to keep buying their groceries regularly from the Internet, according to Markku Korkiakoski, managing director of Ruokatori.fi.

Source: Keski-Uusimaa