Online grocery sales in Finland looking for a growth model

Online grocery shopping in Finland has a strong future despite initially slow growth, according to pioneering web retailer.

Nevertheless, online retailing requires constant development work and some humility. “The customers have to be earned because on the web everyone is starting from zero. The customers of online stores may even be more sensitive to changing stores than customers in traditional stores because it is so easy to compare prices and a new store is just a few mouse clicks away,” says Korkiakoski.

According to director Seppo Roponen from TNS Gallup, e-commerce is developing in the same way in Finland as in other countries and he is not surprised at the slow growth in online food sales so far. He believes that in Finland online food sales could become more widespread as part of a multi-channel operating model where the e-commerce supports the store sales of the retailer. He does not foresee a short-term revolution in online food sales but does predict much larger volumes by the year 2014.

Source: Federation of Finnish Commerce