Olympus joins Finnish spectrum colour technology research project

University of Eastern Finland and Joensuu Science Park have strong expertise in photonics and spectrum colour research.

Japanese optics and reprography products manufacturer Olympus Corporation has joined the University of Eastern Finland and Joensuu Science Park in a research project for developing spectrum colour technology. The research project is focused on developing spectrum imaging and image analysis for new applications.

The project has received EUR 2 million development funding from Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation. Other companies involved in the project include Exel Composites Ltd, Abloy Ltd and Phillips-Medisize Ltd.

Long-term cooperation

According to Juha Purmonen, development director of Joensuu Science Park’s nanotechnology cluster programme, the interest shown by Olympus in Joensuu’s photonics and spectrum colour research is the result of long-term cooperation. He believes that the cooperation has good potential to expand further in the future.

“Olympus has confirmed its participation in the project and is also considering establishing a new R&D centre in Europe as an addition to its two other centres located in Japan and Silicon Valley. The newly started project presents a real possibility to get the European R&D centre located in Finland,” says Purmonen.

According to Professor Markku Hauta-Kasari from the University of Easter Finland, examples of the everyday application of spectrum imaging include better management of colour differences between paints and wallpapers, or distinguishing colour differences between clothing items that look the same in a store but turn out to be different colours under normal daylight.

Source: University of Eastern Finland