OECD report ranks Finland as one of the most entrepreneurial countries

Finland has good availability of capital for growth-oriented companies and positive attitudes towards entrepreneurship, according to OECD’s Entrepreneurship at a Glance report.

Finland is one of the world’s most entrepreneurial nations, according to the newly published Entrepreneurship at a Glance report from the OECD. Using indicators developed with the European Union’s statistical arm Eurostat, as well as those from national statistics offices, the report shows how access to finance, market conditions, regulatory frameworks and cultural perceptions can boost or harm entrepreneurial activity.

The OECD report ranks Finland among the leading countries for the availability of venture capital for growth-oriented businesses. According to report, entrepreneurs are also viewed positively in Finland, with more than 70% of those surveyed saying they viewed entrepreneurs positively. A special chapter of the report measures green entrepreneurship, with Finland being noted as one of outstanding European countries in this regard.

New data on enterprise creations and bankruptcies shows the major impact that the economic and financial crisis has had on entrepreneurial activity. After a significant decrease in the second half of 2008, the number of new enterprises started to recover around the first half of 2009 in most countries. In Finland, like in many other countries, the number of new firms being created during 2010 was still well below the high point before the crisis.

Source: Taloussanomat, OECD