Number of international visitors to Finland increased in summer 2010

Total spending by the visitors to Finland increased by a quarter from the previous summer to reach a total of EUR 1.2 billion.

A total of 3.6 million foreign visitors came to Finland during the summer 2010, an increase of 5% compared to the same period one year earlier, according to a joint study by Statistics Finland and the Finnish Tourism Board. The visitors spent a total of EUR 1.2 billion in Finland, which was about 25% more compared to the summer before. On average, the visitors spent EUR 334 during their stay in Finland. Total spending per visit increased by about 20% from the previous summer.

The biggest number of visitors came from Russia (1.4 million), followed by Sweden (422,000) and Estonia (316,000). The number of Russian visitors increased but the number of visits from Sweden and Estonia fell. Leisure travel was the most common purpose of travel for the visitors with 52% of the total. Some 20% of the visitors came to Finland on business, 13% came to see friends or relatives and almost 10% were in transit.

The average length of stay by the visitors during the summer of 2010 was five nights. The most overnight stays were recorded for visitors from Russia, Sweden, Germany and Estonia. Hotel or motel accommodation was chosen by 44% of the visitors, while about 25% stayed with friends or relatives.

Source: Statistics Finland and Finnish Tourism Board