Norwegian Geomatikk strengthens footing in Finland – new recruits and a deal

Norway-based cable detection provider Geomatikk has landed a major deal with telecommunications company Telia. Before entering Finland, Geomatikk has been building up its cable detection business in Norway and Sweden. The company aims at bringing the best practices of other Nordic countries also into the Finnish market.

Norwegian Geomatikk will take care of Telia’s cable detection needs in Finland starting from July 2017. For Geomatikk, the agreement serves as a landmark deal in the Finnish cable detection market. Along with the disclosure of the agreement, Geomatikk has hired new staff to cover all of Finland.

“We have done consistent work to establish our presence in Finland,” says Jukka Rouhe, the CEO of Geomatikk Finland. “Finland is a particularly interesting location for us due to the general appreciation of technically advanced solutions in the market. Moreover, Finland has an exceptionally wide pool of talented workforce that serves well our needs.”


Geomatikk’s core business focuses on service, which enables network owners to outsource underground cable and utility detection. The service reveals excavators the exact locations of cables and other underground utilities. This helps to avoid excavation damage, keep an up to date information about the underground utilities and ultimately secure the critical societal infrastructure.


Originally founded in 1996, Geomatikk entered the Finnish market in 2016 after a thorough investigation. The company also received further consultation on Finland’s cable detection market by Finnish trade promotion agency Finpro’s Invest in Finland unit.


“Invest in Finland helped us especially to understand the local ecosystem,” comments Jukka Rouhe. “Our market entry to Finland went smoothly, as we carried out very carefully all the preparatory work.”


“We want to congratulate Geomatikk on their successful market entry to Finland,” says Janne Kari, Senior Advisor at Finpro’s Invest in Finland. “In a modern society, the reliability of critical infrastructure requires efficient cable detection. For us at Finpro, it is a great pleasure to see foreign companies to bring their expertise to the Finnish market.”


More information:

Janne Kari, Senior Advisor, Finpro, Invest in Finland, +358 40 541 0580, Janne.kari@finpro.fi

Hetta Huittinen, Communications Manager, Finpro, +358 40 033 9597, hetta.huittinen@finpro.fi


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