Nordic wooden cities to receive European wood industry innovation award

The Nordic Wooden Cities network received this year’s Austrian Schweighofer award.

The prize, distributed for the sixth time in Vienna, is an innovation award of 50,000 Euro with which the best innovative concepts, technologies, products, and services promoting the competitiveness of the European forest and wood industry are awarded. One of the receivers this year is the Nordic Wooden Cities association, of which the leading member is Växjö. Other participating cities are Skellefteå from Sweden, Trondheim and Bergen from Norway, Århus from Denmark and Kouvola from Finland.

- Within their network, the Nordic wooden cities have successfully joined benefits of the public sector with those of academic research and industry, by promoting wood as a building material as well as the development of new knowledge connected to it, says prize jury member Bo Borgström. Concurrently, the Nordic network has had a wide and positive influence on the attitude towards wood in urban building.

Source: Nordic Wooden Cities