Nokia takes a leap towards commercial realization of 5G

Finnish telco giant Nokia has made the world’s first 5G connection supported by the 5GTF pre-standard. The achievement paves the way for new 5G-related services like self-driving cars, large scale Internet of Things as well as new augmented and virtual reality applications.

The pre-standard based data transmission marks another milestone on the road to the commercial realization of 5G technology. The groundbreaking 5G connection took place in a laboratory environment in Oulu, Finland.

“The successful connection proves Finland’s leading position in the telco industry. When 5G eventually takes root in commercial use, the technology will unfold an entirely new level of data speed with decreased latency,” says Markku Lehikoinen, Senior Advisor at Invest in Finland. “Decreased latency further supports the likes of autonomous vehicle technology and remote surgeries.”

The 5G connection marks yet another Finnish contribution to the evolution of communications: the first GSM call was made in Finland more than 20 years ago using a network built by Nokia. This tradition continued with the world's first 3G voice call, on a commercial 3GPP system in Finland in 2001, and then with the world's first LTE call via commercial software in Germany in 2009.

In the trial, Nokia used the 5GTF (Verizon 5G Technology Forum) draft specification and Nokia's commercially available 5G-ready AirScale radio access with the Nokia AirFrame data center platform running on Intel architecture, together with the Intel 5G mobile trial platform as an end-user device.