Niklas Zennström praises Helsinki in the Financial Times

Supercell has proved that Helsinki and other emerging technology hubs can create globally successful companies.

In the battle of the world’s technology hubs, cities like Helsinki are proving that Silicon Valley is no longer the only game in town and great companies can come from anywhere, according to an article in the Financial Times by Niklas Zennström, chief executive of technology investment firm Atomico and a co-founder of Skype.

Zennström highlights what he calls “the phenomenal story of global success” of the Finnish game company Supercell which was born three years ago in Helsinki and only released its hit games Clash of Clans and Hay Day in 2012. In October 2013, Supercell sold a majority stake to Japan’s SoftBank, a transaction that valued the business at USD 3 billion.

Highly recommended Helsinki

Location is not so important any more for companies aiming to build a global business but rather it is crucial to aim for global success from the beginning, as proved by Skype and Supercell. Each location has its opportunities and disadvantages, writes Zennström, and these days it is easier to hold on to top computer scientists in Helsinki than in San Francisco.

“The geographic lesson is not that all entrepreneurs should move to Helsinki – though I would highly recommend it as a city – but to have international ambitions from the outset,” says Zennström.

Source: Financial Times