New wood construction business opportunities in Finland

Wood Construction Roadshow is attracting great interest around the country.

New business opportunities include the construction of wood apartment buildings, façade repairs and energy efficiency upgrades on existing concrete apartment blocks. Additional storeys can also be constructed on many of the concrete apartment buildings from the 1960s and 1970s.

The national roadshow related to the government’s wood construction development programme has attracted double the number of expected participants. Most recently, over 200 people attended the seminar in Mikkeli, eastern Finland.

According to Mikko Viljanen, Managing Director of Puuinfo, major factors increasing the amount of wood construction in Finland are the amount of housing incorporated in town plans, building regulation reforms, and the creation of know-how in the sector. The most important point is, however, that there are active companies operating in the sector. The favourable price of wood is also supporting the use of wood as a construction material.

Sources: Länsi-Savo, Miktech