New services and online shopping coming to Finnish retail stores

Finnish retailers should be testing new services now as the arrival of foreign retail chains is only a matter of time, according to Professor Arto Lindblom

Home deliveries will return to the service offering of the grocery trade in Finland, according to Professor Arto Lindblom, a specialist in retail business strategies at the Aalto University in Helsinki. He also forecasts an increasing number of self-service check-outs, but also more demand for the services of staff in retail stores. In specialty shops the trend is towards offering more installation and planning services for the customers.

Lindblom expects finance and insurance services to become more popular in both the grocery and specialty retail trade. In practice, the traders will make agreements with finance and insurance companies, and transport, renovation and planning companies.

Lindblom believes that it is only a matter of time before foreign retail chains like Carrefour or Tesco arrive in Finland. The British model where consumers buy groceries online and have them delivered home from the local supermarket is also likely to become popular in Finland. In Lindblom’s view, Finnish retail chains should already be actively testing new kinds of services because someone will introduce them soon in Finland in any case.

Source: Itä-Savo